5 reasons you’re not losing fat

Guessing your calorie intake. 

Whilst we don’t recommend everyone needs to track their calorie intake, it does make it very hard when you guess how many calories your taking in each day and each week. Foods can easily be deceiving, especially when eating out and things can very quickly add up, putting us into a calorie surplus, which causes FAT GAIN.

Not tracking your daily steps. 

This is related to NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis) which when we are dieting and trying to lose fat, subconsciously becomes down-regulated meaning that we move less, and burn significantly less energy over time, without even knowing it, which can completely kill fat loss efforts. So remaining highly active is important, and we recommend tracking your daily step count to combat this and aim for a minimum of 12,000 – 14,000 steps per day in a fat loss phase, on top of your structured weight training and cardio.

Increasing your training too drastically. 

A common mistake we see is people come in keen to achieve results and go too hard too soon. This can lead to injuries that can stop your ability to train altogether. Or it can lead to too much muscle soreness and fatigue leaving people so sore they actually really don’t enjoy training and actually stop as a result. Slow and steady wins the race, remember that.

Using fad diets. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of a magazine fad diet or latest celebrity trends or social media hype. Most of the time these are merely short term crash diets that can achieve a fat loss result, but make it impossible to sustain the results longer term once you go back to your normal way of eating and daily life. Steer very clear of fad diets, diets that cut out whole food groups, or extremely low-calorie diets where you can. These usually set you up to lose a bit, then gain it all back – plus some. Not a nice cycle to get in to. 

Your weekends are killing your fat loss.

A common trend we see with clients is a great week of training and eating highly nutritious foods during the week in a calorie deficit, but then over-consuming calories on the weekend with alcohol, treats and eating out, which pushes the whole weekly average of calories into a surplus and completely cancels out all of the great work done during the week. Moderation is key. It is important to enjoy yourself, but if fat loss is your goal, be conscious of how weekend binges can kill all your progress. 

If you need more specific help or guidance to achieve the results you want, simply click here and drop your details and we will reach out to help asap. 

Train hard, and diet smart. 


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