The Bodybuilding Project.

12 week Bodybuilding specific program - Starts Saturday, 25th May
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What's in it?

+  Introductory Bodybuilding Workshop
+ Goal setting session
+ 12 week body building specific program periodized into 3 x 4 week blocks
+ Individualised 1-on-1 goal specific nutritional coaching updated on a weekly basis
+ Individualised goal specific cardio programming (LISS or HIIT)
+ Individualised NEAT programming
+ Individualised supplementation programming
+ Accountability via individualised online tracking sheet to monitor nutrition, training, cardio, neat, sleep, supplementation etc.
+ Unlimited gym access
+ Unlimited group class access
+ Unlimited Infrared Sauna sessions
+ Unlimited InBody 570 Scans
+ 2x specialised bodybuilding classes - with head bodybuilding coach Tristan Green
+ Professional after photos
+ Professional body composition assessments
+ 'Peak Week' programming for optimal conditioning for final photo shoot (nutrition, training, carbs, sodium & water manipulation if needed)
+ Private facebook group - where we will be sharing further information, videos, tutorials and answer all questions and providing 24/7 support

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*Payment plans available - visit us in the gym for more information*

Brand new specialised bodybuilding program.

We are extremely excited to bring you this brand new bodybuilding project.
We have been hard at work figuring out how we can help every single person achieve the absolute best results.
Plus, we want to educate you more along the way to maintain the results for life and continue achieving.
So if you want to take your physique and results to the next level, this program is for you.

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