Finding your balance.

As a coach, it would be awesome to have every client as a robot.

Someone that does exactly as you say, no questions, no bullshit, no distractions, no reason as to why they cannot carry out what you set out for them.

The reality is, you probably get 1 in 10,000 people that might fall into that category.

Everyone has a life outside of the gym, including myself & other coaches.

I’m not coaching robots, I’m coaching human beings with families, jobs, emotions, stresses, and everything else that happens in day-to-day life!

As a coach, it’s important to understand that, not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder.

Not everyone wants to be a powerlifter.

Not everyone wants to become an elite athlete.

Not everyone wants to be shredded AF.

Some people just want to lose a bit of weight to start feeling better about themselves. Raise their self-confidence!

Others might want to build a bit of muscle to do their job more effectively or feel more comfortable around their friends.

Everyone has their own personal goals, and no two individuals are the same.

People often get caught up in trying to find some magical program that’s going to get them results in 6 weeks.

Seeking out meal plans or fad diets that claim they’ll help you to lose 10kgs in 10 days.

What you should be looking for is something that you can stick to for an extended period of time. I’m not talking 3 months; I’m talking 12-36 months.

Why so long?

Because honestly, if you can’t see yourself sticking to a routine for a period longer than 12 months, it means you’re already thinking about throwing in the towel.

That’s setting you up for failure.

The most important thing in achieving results is COMPLIANCE

Compliance – the likelihood of you sticking to something

If you can’t see yourself sticking to a plan long term, it’s probably not the right plan for you.

“ How do I know what plan would be right for me? “

Well, ask yourself a few questions:

What’s the long-term goal?

Where does that goal sit on my list of priorities?

What type of training do I enjoy doing?

How many times a week could I dedicate time for training/exercise?

These are a few questions that many people don’t even consider, but are pretty important when it comes to finding an appropriate plan.

There’s no point giving someone a 6 day bodybuilding program, when they can only train 3 times a week…

If you enjoy weight training, then implement weight training into your weekly schedule.

If you enjoy swimming, then make sure you go swimming every week!

Again, each an every one of us will be different.

My balance will be different to yours & the next person after.

When we talk about long-term sustainability and living a healthier lifestyle, it always helps when you have a good balance of things that challenge you, but also things you enjoy doing.

Find a balance that works for you!

Coach Dylan