3-Day Coaches Mentorship Program

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This is the biggest and best evidence based mentorship we’ve run to date! Over the course of 3 full immersive days you will learn the skills to completely transform yourself, your clients, and your business.

No need for long dragged out programs, get in, immerse yourself, get out exactly what you need to become a successful PT in the industry (or even a more equipped gym goer).

Are you sick and tired of questioning whether the training and nutrition information you find is right?

Whether the process you’re using as a PT (or gym enthusiast) is going to get you and your clients consistent results?
Are you constantly searching for a method that will give you a sure fire way to change a client’s body composition, strength, and performance, as well as change your own business?

Well, let us introduce you to this three full day immersive, evidence based, mentorship where we will literally give you the roadmap to creating a successful business as a Personal Trainer. We will provide you with a full proof plan on how to change your clients body composition from start to finish, a practical hands on experience of how to train via different training methodologies, business strategies on how to maximise your own business growth (even as a sole trader), and mindset strategies on how to truly believe in yourself so that you can go forth and create a business that thrives.

Over the these three days you will be immersed in, and learning off some of the best and most successful coaches in the country where they will literally share their complete strategies on how they personally comp-prep athletes, work with general population to strip body fat, improve fitness, strength and health, as well as what they do personally to create a thriving and successful business.

“Our aim is to up the standards of Personal Trainers in the industry and the only way we can do that is to teach you strategies and give you tools on how to up your own standards. The benefit to raising the standards in the fitness industry is everyone benefits! Clients get better results, less injuries, and feel satisfied more often, and trainers build the reputation of experts in the fitness industry which leads to PT’s becoming more sort after and getting paid more for their time ... so it’s a no brianer as to why we are giving so much away in this mentorship.

So, in a nutshell what you are going to walk away with over the course of these three days is information on the following (just a heads up, there’s a lot!):

+ Setting up the diet: what's important, different approaches for personality types
+ Refeeds, diet breaks and how to use them
+ Leptin and its downstream effects
+ Specifics of pre-intra-post workout nutrition
+ How to set up training plans and how to progress them
+ Metabolic effects of excess fat mass/fat loss
+ Detail of each macronutrient, how it's digested and absorbed
+ Insulin and fat loss
+ Constrained total energy expenditure model
+ Addressing how to understand research, what statistical power is etc
+ How is energy value of food actually calculated, how do we calculate energy expenditure - research methods
+ Menstrual cycle and potential effects on fat loss (including birth control)
+ Gut microbiome - where we're at with this topic
+ Skeletal muscle hypertrophy
+ What Is Hypertrophy Specific Programming
+ The Skeletal Muscle Structure & Fibre Types
+ The Process Of Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy
+ A Look At Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis
+ The Mechanisms Of Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy
+ Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy Program Design
+ What Is A Competition Physique Preparation
+ Accountability During A Competition Physique Preparation
+ What To Do BEFORE A Competition Physique Preparation
+ Competition Physique Preparation Nutrition Program Design
+ Competition Physique Preparation Supplementation Program Design
+ Competition Physique Preparation Training Program Fundamentals
+ Competition Physique Preparation Periodisation
+ A Full Competition Physique Preparation Periodisation Example
+ The Peak Week And Competition Day In Detail
+ What To Do Post Competition Physique Preparation
+ Building a business
+ Social media strategies
+ Mindset on how to create unstoppable confidence in yourself and your product

On top of all that there is a practical component (everyday) which you will be partaking in to get a hands on understanding of how to train yourself and your clients. This will include everything from specific technique cues for main lifts to different training styles and how they should be actioned.

Structure of The Mentorship (general overview):

Day 1 - Luke Tulloch 
In depth Gen-pop Nutrition & Training for fat loss and health.

Day 2 - Rawdon Dubois
Science based, research backed, approach to maximising Hypertrophy
Detailed Comp-prep plan and take home strategy

Day 3 - Daniel Knust & Alex Georgeou
Business strategies for this day and age
Mindset Strategies for success
Putting it all together.

Key Dates:

February 8th, 9th and 10th


Our mission is to raise the standard in the fitness industry. Unfortunately, we see too many ‘personal trainers’ and not enough ‘coaches’.
With our carefully structured and in-depth mentorship program, we aim to accelerate learning for new coaches within the industry.

We will be providing you with applicable, real world training programs & nutrition plans to take home, as well as an understanding of the principles that control client’s long-term results.

We want to help coaches avoid common mistakes as we share our knowledge from over 25 years combined experience within the industry.

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Over the 3 days, we will be conducting 6 seminars, 6 training sessions and breaking down the methods we implement to achieve results. Going in depth with considerations into programming for both training & nutrition so you can learn how to put together effective programs for your clients and avoid platues. We will also provide multiple training programs, nutrition plans, training supplements (pre/intra/post), providing lunch (Prosper Nutrition) and answering any questions you may have on any of the 3 days.

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February 8th, 9th and 10th


Definition Fitness
56-58 Swan Street, Wollongong, 2500, NSW

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Please Note: Spots are strictly limited for this program