12 Week Mind and Body
Transformation Challenge


We don’t just give you a training program, some nutrition information and send you on your way… We are with you through EVERY step of your journey! Here is what you will be signing up for:

  • Various result-driven training programs(fat loss, muscle gain, strength, and booty)
  • Nutritious Dietician-designed meal plans
  • Macronutrient targets
  • Nutritional guidance and education
  • Extensive mindset content
  • Private Facebook group
  • Facebook livestreams
  • Weekly mini-challenges
  • Coach accountability
  • Challenge-specific group classes
  • The BEST community you will EVER find!

We have you covered no matter your goal.

Fat Loss

Fat Loss

We have helped hundreds of people completely transform their bodies and shed away countless kilos of unwanted fat. It’s what we do. We help you curate new perspectives which makes losing fat and SUSTAINING that fat loss an easier task than what you have previously experienced. Our fat loss programs are designed to ensure you retain (if not build) muscle while dropping body fat. Nutrition is a key element in fat loss which we guide you through using flexible dieting principles. Whether you’re into macro counting or meal plans, we have you covered. Either way, we are here to help you not only get results, but also learn along the way so you can continue on your journey post-challenge or have those tools available anytime they’re needed.

Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain

We are super excited to reintroduce the muscle gain program in this challenge. This program uses progressive overload principles to ensure you are consistently challenging your muscles to demand growth. Coupled with a controlled caloric surplus, gains are sure to be made! Don't worry if you’re new to the gym and are unsure of how to use weights, we have an elite team of trainers eager to help you learn correct technique in a safe and non-judgemental environment.



Looking to put your performance to the test? This is the program for you. Designed to improve your strength capabilities, the strength program focuses on the three main compound lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Using principles centred around performance enhancement, the strength program is carefully periodised to have you peaking at your maximum strength levels at the conclusion of the 9 weeks. New to strength training? Even weightlifting in general? Not a worry at all! We are super excited to have you onboard to help you learn correct technique first, then progressively build over the course of the challenge.



Grow your booty with this female-specific program! In conjunction with learning technique, developing the skills associated with lifting correctly is essential to making sure those gains are headed straight to your glutes! Our program combined with 2x booty classes per week will have your booty growing like never before!


We are diving DEEP into the mindset aspect this time around. 

Weekly content drops focused purely on mindset to help you get in the best shape not only physically, but mentally as well.


Goal-specific training programs designed to build and retain muscle and strength.


Let us guide you through the principles of nutrition which have been the cornerstone to hundreds of incredible transformations we have been a part of!



"The team at Definition Fitness are the best in the business when it comes to client-centred care...


I wanted to say a big thank you to Definition Fitness! I joined the 12 week challenge as a last minute thing ...


I joined the 12 week challenge to lose the weight I had gained during lockdown...


"I joined the 12 week challenge to lose some weight, help consolidate the health and fitness gains...


"I joined the 12 Week Fat Loss Challenge to lose weight, feel comfortable in my clothes and to challenge myself. The community spirit was definitely my favourite part of the challenge..."

You could completely transform your mindset and physical appearance for just $139 per week OR pay upfront and receive a special discounted price of $1399 saving you a total of $269!