Reverse engineering your success

Want a really simple principle to improve your results and achieve more?

Insert “Reverse engineering”

Probably one of my favourite and most used strategies to work towards goals.

Basically, reverse engineering simply means, working backwards.

So, firstly, set your goal, be very clear and find out exactly what it is you want to achieve.

Then secondly, work backwards in terms of what steps and actions you need to implement to get you there.

If your goal is fat loss, work out how much you need to lose, then when you want to lose it by (timeframe) Sidenote: make sure it’s realistic.

Then work backwards in regards to the time frame and track progress to make sure you are on your way to achieving it.
If for example you want to lose 5kgs in 12 weeks, that works out to be ~420 grams per week you need to lose to to achieve your goal.

So, immediately start implementing strategies that will make that happen every week. Eat specific to your goal, weight train, do cardio, increase NEAT, drink plenty of water, sleep plenty, rest, de stress etc etc

The beauty of this strategy is in the simplicity.

It answers all your questions.

Such as:

“Should I go out and have a cheat meal or drinks this weekend?”

Well – what is the goal? 420grams this week.

Have you achieved it?

If you go out and binge eat and drink for example will you achieve the 420g weekly goal?
If not – BOOM. There’s your answer staring you straight in the face.
No if’s, no buts, no excuses, it’s a simple black and white answer.

Do you want to achieve your larger goal?

Or are you happy to throw it away?
The choice is 100% yours.
You need to take responsibility for it and realise that there is nothing, and no one else to blame.
But it helps to cut away the bullshit.
Now that same questioning should be implemented to many other aspects of the 5kg loss over 12 week goal.
Should I skip this training session?
Should I miss my cardio?
Should I drink alcohol?
Should I miss out on vital sleep?
Should I miss meals?
Etc etc etc

Very soon you find a pattern of anylzing things simply on their impact on your goal.

And the answer, every time, is right there in front of you.

This is exact same principle of reverse engineering or working backwards from your goal can be applied to so many different scenarios or situations.

For example I use this same method to help coach my clients and members here at Definition. Constantly reverse engineering – what do they need to succeed? Then that gives me the answers as to what I need to do to improve the gym, and what I need to do as a coach. There’s no handbook. It’s what delivers the best results to them – they are the main focus.

The best plan is the one that works for that client as an individual.

So my advice, going back to your fitness goals, is to stop making excuses.

Reverse engineer your decisions and actions.

Find out what you want, write it down, then reverse engineer your daily, weekly, monthly and long term goals.
Create healthy habits move you forward towards your goal, rather than further away.

Every single thing you want to achieve is waiting for you.

You have the power to get it.
You just need to act like it!

Train hard and enjoy your journey

Thank you for reading and looking forward to sharing more very soon.

Much love
Coach Daniel