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  • 1 on 1 coaching accountability
  • Weekly check-ins 
  • Result-based fat loss training programs
  • Nutritious dietician-curated meal plans
  • Macronutrient targets for flexible dieting
  • Nutritional guidance and education
  • Content to help develop your mindset
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly mini-challenges 

Everything you need, all ready and laid out for you!

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Take A Look At What People Had To Say


"The team at Definition Fitness are the best in the business when it comes to client-centred care. Not only have they allowed me to achieve unimagineable results physically, but have also created an environment which has improved my overall mindset. The involvement Dan, Brandon, and Luke have provided within this 12-week challenge has been second to none and would highly recommend this gym to anyone!"



"I wanted to say a big thank you to Definition Fitness! I joined the 12 week challenge as a last minute thing as I always see their results from past challenges on Instagram and am so thankful I did. I had 2 goals for this summer. 1 – to get abs. 2 – to get under 10% body fat. This challenge definitely helped me smash both of these! My favourite part was how structured the challenge was, from the macros and calories down to the workouts. I was also able to complete the whole challenge online without feeling I’m missing out on any information/guidance that may be given face to face as the Facebook group and check-ins kept me in the loop. Thank you again to the team, I’m absolutely stoked with the results!"


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"My favourite part of Definition’s challenge was meeting and forming friendships with the other challengers. Definition provided absolutely everything needed to succeed with fat loss. The online dashboard had all the tools and information needed and if you followed the plan you were guaranteed to lose body fat. I quickly experienced a shift in my mentality where I was so looking forward to working out and eating healthy. I loved the push, support and encouragement challengers gave to each other. I would encourage anyone to complete a challenge at Definition. If you follow their plan and guidance you cannot fail to achieve awesome results."



"In the challenge there was such an amazing team spirit, and everyone was incredibly supportive of one another. We shared gains, milestones, challenges and setbacks as well as food and recipes. I feel SO good and mentally stronger. Everything about the challenge with Definition Fitness has been exceptional. The commitment of the trainers never faulted. They were with you every step of the way. I have developed some powerful habits and a can-do mindset that I know will stay with me. If you are thinking about whether to sign up to a challenge with Definition, don’t think, just do it! You will not regret it for one moment. You will be signing on to the best in the fitness industry, without doubt!"