12 Week Personal
Training Package.

Want to lose fat? build lean muscle?

Our customized program is a combination of everything you need to reach your goals. Be kept accountable. track your progress and have access to your highly knowledgeable coaches throughout to ensure your success.

What's included?

Goal setting

Sit down one-on-one with your coach and set out specific, measurable, realistic short & long-term goals.


Your training, nutrition and injury history can tell a story of what state your body is currently in. obtaining your history aids us in designing a package that will get you the best result possible.

Nutritional assessment

We will teach you a very effective method used to determine the best nutrition approach for your body type & goals. find out if you are a protein/carb or protein/fats type.

Body composition assessment

We will measure your exact body fat percentage and lean muscle mass, allowing us to track results every step of the way, ensuring results. assessments take place at the start, 6-week & 12-week mark. this is to ensure you are on the right path and is a great tool to track progress. it’s also a fantastic motivational tool.

Before, during & after photo’s

This is yet another great tool we use to track progress, as visual changes can often act as great motivation.

Dynamic postural assessment

We will put you through a number of dynamic movement patterns testing range of motion, mobility issues, structural imbalances and provide you with skills to mobilise and correct technique to ensure pain free movement.

Strength & fitness assessment

We use specific tests to determine the exact details needed for your individualized training program.

Individualzed online nutritional programming

Based on your results, we will design a specific & individualized nutrition plan for you with live online tracking. once data has been entered, your coach will be able to see, monitor and tweak your nutrition in real time.

Individualized training programming

From the results of your strength & fitness assessment, your coach will write a personalized training program for you. the program will not only be specific to your goals, but also address any structural imbalances, postural issues or injuries identified in your dynamic postural assessment.

Supplementation advice

Find out what supplements are best for you to improve your results.

Training sessions

Each week you will work one-on-one with your coach, following your program and constantly re-evaluating your progress. if needed, we will make changes to speed up results and help you further.


Receive full access to the Definition Fitness Training Centre, absolutely free!


Receive unlimited access to all indoor & outdoor group classes


12 Week PT Package - From $140 p.w.

12 Week Transformations

Definition Fitness Transformations
Definition Fitness Transformations
Definition Fitness Transformations
Definition Fitness Transformations
Definition Fitness Transformations
Definition Fitness Transformations