Group Timetable.

Class Timetable 2024



Build strength, build lean muscle and perfect your lifting technique in a weights-based session that will get you strong and develop your physique.

Using a combination of compound lifts including squats, bench, deadlift, overhead press as well as accessory and isolation movements.

If you want to get STRONG and BUILD muscle, this is for you!


A fitness-based session designed to improve your performance, burn a tonne of calories and take your cardio and conditioning to the next level.

This class is designed in combination with our build session to create a well-rounded athlete in a safe and intelligently programmed way.

If you want to get FIT and focus on your performance, this is for you!


Booty based session to maximise your glute growth, drawing inspiration from years of experience and integrating the science behind it to provide you with the best session possible.


The perfect start to the morning. A mix of cardio and weights designed to wake you up and maximise alertness to kick off the weekend!

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting Session going into technique work for the Snatch, the Clean, and the Jerk, as well as variations of these lifts.


Our final session for the week uses a complete variety of energy systems to take your fitness and health to the next level, with a mix of weight-based and cardio-based training!