Group Timetable.

GYM - Definition Fitness - 56-58 Swan St, Wollongong
OUTDOOR - Stuart Park - Wollongong




A carefully programmed bodybuilding and physique specific training session.
Targeting certain muscle groups. Suitable for both males and females.
This class is perfect to learn correct technique, new exercises, how to program correctly, and understand principles of hypertrophy or muscle gain to maximise your physique.

Powerlifting, Strength and Conditioning

A powerlifting specific session focusing on the big compound lifts of squat and deadlift predominantly. Also including some bench press, then working in to accessory work to maximise stability, injury prevention and further progress athletic performance and overall full body strength.
Fantastic for athletes, sports lovers, and people keen to maximise the performance of their body, plus learn correct technique of the big lifts to maximise your lifting potential. Will also have some strength specific conditioning added in for good measure.


Heavily weights based circuit session
Be prepared for big compound movements that will challenge your entire body and core plus cardiovascular system all at the same time.
Have some fun with heavier loads and challenging movements, sleds, deadlifts, chains, overhead presses, cleans, tyres and much more

Strength and Conditioning

By the beach is a perfect setting to get stronger, and improve physical conditioning for health and fitness. This session will challenge you in so many ways utilising some hills, sand runs, bodyweight work, combined with heavier barbell, kettlebell and dumbbell strength work. Lots of variety and lots of fun!


One of our signature classes. Specifically designed for ladies to maximise glute development and booty gains! Prepare to work hard, be challenged whilst all learning great routines and exercises, executed correctly to get the best gains possible from your training.
There’s a few common mistakes seen with booty training these days, so we created this class to take you through the best way to train and program for ultimate booty sessions. Come along, you won’t be disappointed!


Boost your immune system
Improve mental health
Increase sports performance
Relieve stress
Increase energy
Improve sleep
Improve recovery
Increase will power
Boost concentration
Deal with depression
Burnout recovery
Fibromyalgia relief
Arthritis relief
Asthma management
COPD management
Improve creativity
Improve cold tolerance


A 30 minute, in-and-out, workout which is sure to take your breath away! Predominantly cardio oriented, this high intensity class will definitely get your heart pumping and won’t leave you without a sweat.

Fat Blaster

The perfect storm of weights and cardio! Be prepared to work hard, this high intensity class knows no bounds when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck in a training session! A mix of heavy weights, light weights, cardio machines, and bodyweight movements ensures no two sessions are the same!


The Holy Grail of Definition Fitness Group Training. Throwdown is not for the faint of heart! This workout combines everything from heavy lifting to heart-pumping, lung-burning cardio to put your fitness levels to the ultimate test! Varying between chipper and round-based structures, no two weeks are the same, but every week is sure to be one to remember!

Abs and Core

A 30-minute ab burner guaranteed to put your core to the test! Your core muscles are incredibly important but often neglected in training. Join us for this quick yet intense class – you’ll have a 6-pack in no time!


Recovery is just as important as training! A slower paced class, stretch takes you through 30 minutes of mobility and flexibility work to improve how efficient and effective your body moves.”

Shred n Abs

Intense, heart-racing action packed class which will have the body fat melting off your body! In conjunction with this sweat session including cardio and high rep style training, the final component will be lighting up your core to set those abs on fire!

Cardio Shred

We have all the space in the world at our outdoor location in Stuart Park, why not use it? This session predominantly involves cardio methods of training to aid your heart health and have those lungs of yours pumping!