8 Week Booty program.

Begins Monday 6th May
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What's in it?

+ Get your own coach with weekly check-ins, nutrition and training support
+ Easily accessible and trackable In-app program
+ Unlimited group class access, including x2 booty classes a week
+ Either fat loss or muscle gain
+ Unlimited group class access
+ 24/7 gym access
+ Team photo shoot at the end
+ $500 cash prize for best results

Only 16 spots are available

Join Now - Early Bird Upfront $704
Join Now - Early Bird Weekly $99

Brand new specialised booty program.

We are extremely excited to launch our 8 Week Booty Program for the ladies who want to GROW their glutes, BUILD strength and LEARN more about training and nutrition.

This program will allow you to work closely with our highly qualified and educated coaches - Coach Nikita, Coach Lara and Coach Dan.

This is an opportunity to work towards your goals in a supportive and fun environment! Through proven methods, we can GUARANTEE results! This isn't just any program, it's in-depth, educational and time-efficient so you can get the most out of it in 8 weeks.

With additional support from your coach, they provide nutrition guidance, and step targets and check in weekly with you to see how you're going. You won't be alone in this. PLUS there will also be an amazing community of girls that will be doing it with you!

If you're ready to learn more about glute training and want to take your physique to the next level, this program is for YOU!