MIND & BODY Transformation Challenge

Find out more Our next 13 week challenge will start in September 2019.

So What's new?

Well, we have completely evolved our challenge to incorporate so much more then just body transformations.
Anyone can diet people to lose fat.

We want to change lives – FOR THE BETTER.

Our 2018 challenge incorporated more mindset work with participants, and the results were MIND BLOWING.
People’s lives were changed for the better, reporting help with depression, self confidence, happiness, worthiness, belief, stress and so much more.

Realising that this day and age, stress levels, anxiety and depression are becoming way too common, we want to do something about it.

So, we have added loads of mindset workshops, tools and practices to help you not only transform your body, but live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.

There is more to life then just the way you look.
Let us teach you how to enhance your life in every aspect.

Join us for the most amazing experience you have encountered.

Start Date:
Monday January 21st 2019

What's in it?

12 Weeks of proven training methods paired with up to date nutritional guidance to help you achieve your best ever results!

Health and Fitness Assessments Specific to your goals

+ InBody 570 body composition scans - lean mass, Body fat % and more
+ Blood pressure
+ Resting Heart rate
+ Aerobic Fitness Assessment
+ Strength assessment
+ Mobility/Movements screening

Mindset and Self Development Coaching

+ 4 x face to face mindset workshops & coaching sessions and + Q&A
+ 4 x Facebook Lives mindset coaching sessions and Q&A
+ Letter to self goal setting session
+ Definition Daily Gratitude Journal
+ Breathing workshop
+ Weekly Yoga and meditation sessions
+ Accountability partner
+ Weekly goal setting, tracking and accountability
+ Team Leaders to help improve results

+ Educational Nutrition and Training seminars

+ Unlimited group classes 21 per week

+ Unlimited 24 hour gym access to Definition Gym

+ Meal Plans

+ Goal specific Flexible Dieting plans with macro tracking

Goal specific Training Programs

+ Strength
+ Fat Loss
+ Muscle Gain
+ Female Specific

+ Cardio plans

+ Neat programming

+ Private Facebook Accountability Group

Choose your goal and team


+ After scans and measurements / testing

+ Professional After photos

+ Awards night / After party

+ Post challenge seminar on how to maintain your results


Our next 13 week challenge will start in September 2019.

If you would like to start achieving result before then, get in touch with us today!

We're on a mission to transform bodies in 2019.

We are extremely excited to bring you the most amazing Body Transformation Package we ever have! We have helped hundreds of people achieve incredible results through personal training, group training, specialized programs and past challenges and we want to share this success with you. This time we are taking it to another level! The whole program is based on proven training, nutrition and coaching methods we at Definition use to provide athletes and general population with extraordinary results.

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Definition Fitness Transformations
Definition Fitness Transformations
Definition Fitness Transformations