The Shred Project.

12 week strength specific program.

What's in it?

+ Introductory assessment session
+ Goal setting & mindset session
+ 12 week fat loss specific program periodized into 3 x 4 week blocks
+ Individualised 1-on-1 goal specific nutritional coaching updated on a weekly basis
+ Individualised goal specific cardio programming (LISS or HIIT)
+ Individualised NEAT programming
+ Individualised supplementation programming
+ Accountability via individualised online tracking sheet to monitor nutrition, training, cardio, neat, sleep, supplementation etc.
+ Unlimited gym access
+ Unlimited group class access
+ Unlimited Infrared Sauna sessions
+ Unlimited InBody 570 Scans
+ Professional after photos
+ Professional body composition assessments
+ 'Peak Week' programming for optimal conditioning for final photo shoot (nutrition, training, carbs, sodium & water manipulation if needed)
+ Private facebook group - where we will be sharing further information, videos, tutorials and answer all questions and providing 24/7 support

Brand new specialised strength program.

We are extremely excited to present our brand new - Shred Project.

We are offering a select group of people the opportunity to work closely with all of our highly qualified cour coaches, in particular, definition owner Daniel Kust & Gym Manager Dylan Mena - both with proven track records in achieving incredible fat loss results!

This is a project that offers the opportunity to have all your goals catered for, through proven methods that guarantee results!
We've made a collective effort as a team to make this the most in-depth program available to date, by adding additional services such as 1-on-1 individualized nutritional programming, and much more.

If you want to learn more about how to achieve fat loss, and take your physique to the next level, this program is exactly what you need!


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